Wireless Keyboard Recommendations

Mac Compatible Bluetooth Keyboard Products

Compatible with iPhone and iPad IOS or Mac OSX,, Apple's own compact wireless Bluetooth keyboard a simple, but pricey straightforward choice. But for desktop computer use, it's lack of a separate numeric keyboard or available USB ports (which the USB version has) is disappointing to some. On other levels it's simply the ONLY Bluetooth keyboard Apple sells, so of course it's a best-seller. However, 3rd-party offerings can provide additional features and functions that leave Apple's own branded product lacking. Logitech in particular offers a very high quality alternative. And other manufacturers offer comparable functionality for a far, far lower price.

Mac+iOS Bluetooth KeyboardApple Bluetooth KeyboardTrackpad Bluetooth Keyboard
Full-Size Multi-Device

Switch Between 4 Devices
Apple Compact Wireless

Razor-Thin Aluminum
Blue-Tooth Wireless Input Device
Docking Keyboard w/Trackpad

For Mac + iOS Gadgets

3rd-Party Bluetooth Keyboards "Made For Mac" - And iOS

Several computer accessory manufacturers make input devices with Macintosh users in mind. Among these Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards you'll see MacAlly, Kensington, Logitech and other alternatives worth pondering beyond Apple's own offerings.

Full-Size Mac/iOS Keyboard

USB *OR* Bluetooth Connectivity!

Stuck, Unresponsive Key? Dropped Keyboard? Cat Pee On It?

There's good reasons to avoid the tangle of wires and freedom of placement of your keyboard with your Bluetooth equipped Macintosh. And many opt for an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard with their Mac order. There are some drawbacks: Difficulty pairing, futzing and replacing dwindling batteries, Bluetooth interference issues. A wired device is implicitly more predictable and reliable than any wireless or battery-operated peripheral. But that's the price you pay for wire-free computing. It's important to note that not all Wireless keyboards are explicitly Bluetooth devices. For years, Radio-Frequency RF transmitters have been used - the RF Transmitter a USB dongle type device to communicate with the keyboard. And some of these RF keyboards (and Mice) can be Mac compatible.

Older Mac Bluetooth Keyboards - Non Aluminum

Some users really want an original matching Apple keyboard when you need to replace it. The earlier clear acrylic and white plastic Bluetooth Apple keyboard models can still be found. Try scouring Bluetooth keyboards on eBay - you can often find the exact color or style of discontinued model. But buyer beware: Really make sure the auction clearly states it was TESTED - and guaranteed fully-functional and not have any dud or broken keys.

Fix Mac Bluetooth Keyboard? Sometimes You Just Can't

Broken and damaged keys on any Mac keyboard often require completely replacing the entire thing. A single unresponsive or hopelessly stuck key is often caused by a damaged micro-switch under the key that is so small and tiny there is NO way to 'repair' the key switch. A Bluetooth's batteries may leak or corrode, damaging the battery compartment and killing a Bluetooth keyboard. Cracked key-tops or missing Mac keytops can sometimes be replaced individually, but often small plastic latches get broken when something falls onto your Mac keyboard and won't stay on when pressed into position. Just buying new Mac compatible keyboard is the most direct solution for 'repairing' the vast majority of keyboard problems.