Mac Compatible Specialty Keyboards

Specialized Keyboards For MacOS

Shopping for an Apple compatible keyboard with more specialized features? Beyond standard input devices, some keyboards are built for special needs or interests. Some examples are Large-Print keyboards for visually impaired, simplified keyboards for kids, colorized keytops for application-specific needs like video-editors and mastering music, highly tactile response keyboards for gamers or touch-typists, etc. Here's a sampling of some of the more unique Mac compatible keyboard options on the market.

Custom Audio And Video Editing Keyboards

Complex OSX applications depend on efficient use of keyboard shortcuts to perform common tasks quickly. App-specific custom keyboards are available for MacOS graphic, audio and video apps like Avid Studio, FinalCut Pro, Adobe Premiere, ProTools, Photoshop, etc with colored and annotated keytops that are application specific. Look to LogicKeyboard corporation as the go-to company that specializes in a surpisingly large number Apple compatible app-specific keyboards - and keyboard skins.

USB App-Specific Mac Keyboard

Software Specific Keytops

Backlit Keyboard - With Speakers - For Mac

Illuminated, backlit external keyboards for Mac are a rarity. But Verbatim makes one that not only lights up, but also includes a pair of small stereo audio USB speaker drivers integrated into the keyboard and media playback control keys. Especially ideal for Apple desktop computers like the Mac mini or Pro towers which only have a single built-in mono speaker, or those who want somewhat better audio with a minimum amound of extra wiring a separate set of stereo loudspeakers implies.

Backlit Mac Keyboard

Built-In USB Stereo Speakers

Large Print Keyboard For Mac

For visually impaired Apple users - whether aging or kids -- Large-lettered keyboards may be helpful:
Easy To Read Keyboard

Cross-Platform Mac & PC

Mac Compatible Keyboards For Kids

Any parent knows how rough kids tend to be on delicate computer equipment. Even when they don't intend to be, their lack of developed motor-skills and clumsiness can take it's tool on many computer peripherals.

USB Keyboard For Kids

Large, Color-Grouped Keytops

Used Apple Keyboards For Older USB Models

Some users really want an original matching Apple keyboard when you need to replace it. The many colors of early and slot-load iMacs may deserve a Tangerine, or say Grape keyboard to match it, or a Graphite model for that ol' G4. For these I recommend looking for Apple keyboards on eBay - you can often find the exact color or style of discontinued model. But buyer beware: Really make sure the auction clearly states it was TESTED - and guaranteed fully-functional and not have any dud keys.