www.maccompatiblekeyboards.com Privacy Policy

This site respects your internet privacy and this page is an effort to properly disclose what and how information is gathered or stored on your computer as you surf the web.

Browser Cookies And Privacy Settings

Surfing the web involves a lot of sites monitoring and tracking user behavior patterns which are stored in 'cookie' files in your browser's configuration. They are useful for both site visitors and website owners. How your Mac's preferred web browser - be it Apple Safari, Firefox for OSX or Google's Chrome store cookie files varies but all provide a way to manage, control and completely delete them if you so desire. Remember: Cookies are under your control and periodically managing or deleting them is your purvue.

This website also uses stat tracking code to help the site owner gather generic information about pages visited, country or origin, link click activity and other factors about the website visitor. These are non-personally identifiable bits of information of a general nature.

Other than using the Contact Page - no effort is intentionally made to gather personal information or email addresses. The webmaster does NOT strive to collect or build a mailing list or use information provided to do anything other than respond to your inquiry, then promptly delete any info you may have provided. If you do not want your provided name or email address to be used at all, simply do not use the contact page - and explore other pages of the site instead.

Affiliate and FTC Disclaimer

This website features Apple and Macintosh compatible computer gadgets for which an affiliate commission may or may not be earned if a site visitor chooses to purchase an item. Disclosing this information is a requirement of both the FTC and any aff programs participated in.

Affilations may include LinkShare, eBay Affilate or Amazon's affiliate program amongst others. Primarily, I'm a partner in the Amazon Associaltes Affilate Program, a system to earn comissions by referrring prospective customers to purchase items at Amazon.com in the USA.

Product Suitibilty Disclaimer

The computer technology products featured on this site may or may not be right for your particular computing device or model. We simplly feature a range of computing products available, but ultimately the final purchasing decision is yours.


This comprises the succinct essence of the privacy policy of www.maccompatiblekeyboards.com