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Apple offers it's own iPad 30-pin Dock Keyboard as one of the basic accessories they provide. The Apple iPad Keyboard Dock combines a docking stand with a compact, full-sized keyboard. However, because an Apple iPad tablet comes with Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR built-in, you can connect to devices like wireless BT headphones, speakers, or Bluetooth keyboards for more versatility.

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Helpful iPad Specific Control Keys

This video gives a quick overview of the unique keytops and functions the Apple iPad can take advantage of. Home, Search, Screen-Lock and Media playback function keys among them:

Bluetooth vs Docking Keyboard For iPad

Deciding on whick type of keyboard is right for you and your iPad tablet use is made alot easier by this great article at Lots of good insights on the differences between Apple's iPad keyboard offerings.

Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad Options

The Apple iPad's support for Bluetooth will open an interesting range of wireless key input options - from mini to full size. Ideally you want iOS specific dedicated function keys. While you can use any Bluetooth keyboard you want, you may have a struggle figuring out how to use certain functions.

Most Bluetooth keyboards will wake the screen directly. But with an Apple wireless keyboard - you can also set the screen brightness, adjust volume, and skip and pause iPod playback. Do note that after you connect to an available Bluetooth keyboard, you'll have to power the keyboard off in order to be able to bring up a virtual keyboard again. Do be aware Apple doesn't support printers or other Bluetooth profiles which it potentially could, outside of Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

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Using USB Keyboards With An iPad

The'Camera Connection Kit' Apple released is a bit more versatile than many initally thought. Because it comes with an iPad Dock to USB connector (as well as an SD Card Dock) - The kit will support a USB keyboard on the iPad if done through a *POWERED* USB hub. Otherwise, USB keyboards draw too much power for the iPad to support. You can also use a powered Hub to transfer photos from a portable USB 2.0 hard disk. Others reports USB headsets and microphones work for Skype, audio and VOIP uses.

Apple Camera Connection Kit

Additional USB Keyboard Support

Using USB devices other than digital cameras aren't 'officially' supported by Apple. But read this MacWorld article about the iPad Connection Kit, and check-out this interesting video from YouTube:

Wireless Dock connector Keyboards "Made For iPad"

Planning on getting an Apple iPad? Computer accessory manufacturers are making input devices with Apple tablet users in mind. Among these Wireless iPad and Dock connector Keyboards you'll see MacAlly, Logitech and other alternatives worth pondering beyond Apple's own offerings.

Cheap iPad Dock Connector and Bluetooth Keyboards

It won't take long for overseas peripheral makers to compete with the Apple iPads keyboard offerings and bring new tablet input options to market. Soon we'll see iPad Bluetooth Dock connector keyboards on eBay - and 3rd party devices for iPad tablet computers shortly after it's introduction.

On-Screen vs External iPad Keyboard

Frankly alot of people get frustrated using the iPhone OS's onscreen interface for keyboard input. As with the iPhone and iPod Touch - some users will opt for an external Apple iPad compatible keyboard for their tablet giving them faster input and typing accuracy. You can use any Bluetooth keyboard for an iPad that you want, instead of Apple's keyboard dock. (However, you cannot use a Mac compatible Bluetooth mouse with an iPad.) For other devices, the iPad Accessories and peripheral market has exploded with a nice array of Apple tablet accessories.

Other Peripherals For Apple iPad

Initally, Apple shipped the iPad before many of it's promised add-ons did. Many companies quickly shipped protective iPad cases and sleeves, but there was a frustrating delay before Apple shipped the iPad Dock keyboard, USB and SD Card Camera Connection Kit, Video Adapters and other 'Made For iPad' chargers and accessories.